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PD Online is your one-stop-shop for planning and development information

Property enquiry

Allows you to access planning information about any property, including:

  • property description details
  • property size
  • relevant planning scheme information including zoning and overlays information
  • any development application decided after 1 January 2007 (Toowoomba City) or 17 March 2008 (balance of Toowoomba Regional Council area).

Application tracking

Allows you to view and monitor the progress of development applications from lodgement to decision (with the exception of plumbing and drainage and building applications). You will be able to:

  • find out who the applicant is
  • find out what stage the application is in the assessment process
  • view publicly available documentation relating to the application such as plans and notices

Development enquiry (Currently not available)

If you're considering some form of development and not sure whether you need approval, development enquiry will give you the answer and identify which parts of the planning scheme you will need to address if an approval is required.

Toowoomba Regional Planning Scheme

This is a searchable and up-to-date electronic version of the planning scheme that will allow you to:

  • view the planning scheme online anytime and anywhere, as long as you have internet connection to your computer (the full functionality of PD Online may not be available or compatible on some tablet format devices)
  • search the entire planning scheme based on any word
  • view zone, overlay, and local plan maps for a selected locality or across the region
  • view planning scheme amendment

PD Online use terms and conditions
On using PD Online, you are accepting all of the terms and conditions provided below.

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More about application tracking

This service allows you to track development applications. You can track the progress of development applications from lodgement through to determination. The elements tracked represent key milestones in the development application process but are not a detailed history. Details of the current status, the various stages of the assessment process, estimated assessment timeframes and access to publicly available documentation, are all available.

Read more: More about application tracking

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