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Glasses on mapWe have a large amount of mapping information available to the public. Use council's online mapping service, TRMAPS, to find information on the region.

In the related documents below you will also find a number of maps in PDF that are frequently requested. Please contact council if there are additional maps you would like included in this collection.

TRC's online mapping services

Welcome to Toowoomba Regional Council’s online mapping system – TRMAPS. By using council’s online mapping system you can access information about your community and council services. TRMAPS is made up of four distinct map themes under which you can easily find the information you are seeking. These themes are:

Community services

This section has community services information for facilities available to the community of the Toowoomba region. Features include libraries, off leash parks, council service centres and much more.


Infrastructure information for services provided by and assets maintained by Toowoomba Regional Council is contained in this section. Features include the ability to find information on sewer, water and drainage pipe locations and detailed contour information.

Land and property

Land and property maps are found in this section with information on cadastre, roads, and administrative boundaries. Features include a full suite of search and discover tools.

Toowoomba Regional Planning Scheme Maps

This link provides access to Toowoomba Regional planning scheme. From this site the planning scheme maps can be accessed which provide information on zones, precincts, PIP and the strategic framework for the Toowoomba region.

User Guide

Read more: TRC's online mapping services

TRMAPS user guide

Find Address or Lot on Plan

To find an Address or a Lot on Plan simply enter the address or lot on plan number in to the search box at the top left of the application, see the two examples below:

Read more: TRMAPS user guide

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