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Fees & charges

Calculator, pen and paperFind out about common fees and charges such as cemetery fees, commercial fees for a council business activity and cost-recovery fees.

Some fees have been displayed below in related (PDF) documents. These pdf documents are provided as a read-only option for customers. 

Fees & charges for the current financial year

Fees & charges separated by division (valid from 1 July 2013):

  • Building compliance (building competitive)
  • Community services (Milne Bay Aquatic Centre, Highfields Aquatic Centre, other pools [Cecil Plains, Clifton, Crows Nest, Millmerran, Oakey, Pittsworth, Yarraman], Drayton & Toowoomba cemetery, all other cemeteries, Oakey community centre, community halls - rural [Cecil Plains memorial hall, Yarraman memorial hall], Crows Nest community and rsl centre, cultural centre hire - Highfields cultural centre)
  • Construction & maintenance (road permit, service location - on-site, stormwater inter-allotment drainage, street name plates, subdivision, )
  • Customer Service (Photocopying, laminating and Community information directory) (Updated 19/11/13)
  • Environmental health services (cats, dogs, impounding, animal permit, reciprocal dogs and cats registrations, camp permit, dangerous goods, environmental authority, regulated parking).
  • Financial services (conveyancing questionnaires, debt recovery, land record search, miscellaneous, subdivision valuation fee, special meter reading )(Updated 19/11/13)
  • Governance (laminating, pa (public address) system, public documents & publications, room hire - city hall)
  • Information,communication technology (GIS, information privacy, right of information,
  • Library & cultural services (art gallery, library services, Pittsworth pioneer village museum)
  • Planning and Development. (Material change of use, Compliance, Reconfiguration of a lot and Operational works, IDAS Miscellaneous, Building regulatory, Plumbing regulatory, Administrative and Miscellaneous)
  • Parks and Recreation (caravan parks, mountain biking, parks, Pest & stock route management, sporting facilities & street trees).(Updated 19/11/13)
  • Plant & fleet (stage - mobile and merry-go-round)
  • Property Services (city safe, city watch)
  • Tourism & events (James street visitor information centre)
  • Transport & drainage (aerodrome, licence, regulated parking, wide load)
  • Waste management (Oakey, Millmerran, Goombungee, Crows Nest, Clifton, Greenmount districts, Pittsworth district, waste management Toowoomba city)
  • Water infrastructure asset management (wastewater, water)(Updated 19/11/13)
  • Water strategy & coordination (Updated 19/11/13)
  • Water Operations (laboratory services analysis, septic tank, nightsoil, sullage and holding tank waste, trade waste & septic waste)

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Cost Recovery Fees and Charges

Dog & cat registration

Listed below are the fees for dog and cat registrations.

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Fees & charges - Drayton & Toowoomba Cemetery

This fee structure is current as at 1 September 2012. The fees and charges are subject to change via council decision at any time

 Fee ($)
Administration Fee
Payment Plan administration fee (one off) 80.00
Allocation of Interment Site  
Ashes Lawn 680.00

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Fees & charges - District Cemeteries

This fee structure is current as at 1 September 2012. The fees and charges are subject to change via Council decision at any time.

 Fee ($)
Administration Fees
Payment Plan Administration Fee (one off) 80.00
Allocation of Interment Site
Ashes Lawn 600.00

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