Council history

Cambooya Shire was created by severance from Clifton Shire on 4 June 1914. Part of Tarampa Shire was added in 1915 and part of Drayton Shire was added in 1949.

In 2004 the Shire included the towns of Cambooya, East Greenmount, Greenmount and Wyreema.

It also included the localities of Ascot, Budgee, Felton, Finnie, Hirstglen, Hodgson Vale, Mt Rascal, Nobby, Preston, Ramsay, Top Camp, Vale View, West Haldon and Westbrook.

Past chairmen and mayors

Chairmen - Cambooya Shire Council
1914-15 Arthur Hoey Davis
1916 James Purcell
1916-17 Edward Fitzgerald
1918 Timothy O'Rourke
1919 William Purcell
1920 Malcolm Brodie
1921-23 James Lemon
1924-39 Edward Fitzgerald
1939-43 Samuel John Gilmour
1943-49 William Henry Lipp
1949-66 Leslie Ashby Free
1966-73 George Gordon Savage
1973-76 George Hannaford
1976-82 George Gordon Savage
1982-85 William Archibald Woods
1985-93 Thomas Stratford Newman
1993-2000 Robert Leslie Free
2000-04 John Gordon Savage
2004-08 Carol Estelle Taylor

Notable chairmen

Arthur Hoey Davis (Steele Rudd) (1868 - 1935)

Arthur Hoey Davis was chairman of Cambooya Shire Council from 1914 to 1915.

Arthur was well known for writing the Dad and Dave stories. He was raised on a farm near Emu Creek (south of Toowoomba). He left school at the age of 12 and starting working on properties in the area. In 1885 he moved to Brisbane where is began writing his comic stories and his stories were published in the Sydney Bulletin from 1895. The stories were collected in On Our Selection (1899) with assistance from A.G. Stephen Davis.These stories came to be known as Dad and Dave. He published more than 20 works of fiction and 6 plays. He moved to Sydney to pursue his writing career; however, due to financial pressures returned to a property on the Darling Downs. He died in Brisbane on 11 October 1935.


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