Noise, light & air pollution

Air pollution

Fire in the bushMaintaining a quality lifestyle also means ensuring our environment is free from offensive smells, dust and smoke. Council's Environmental Health Officers respond to public complaints and requests for inspection regarding a variety of issues.

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Backyard Burning

Why Backyard Burning is not permitted?

Council Local Laws protect the environment, public health, safety and convenience of the community by restricting the lighting and manitaining of fires in the open in the whole, or designated parts, of the region. Council Officers, by subordinate local law, may prohibit or restrict the  lighting or maintaining of fires in the open in the whole, or designated parts, of the local government’s area.

 The following fires are prohibited

•     A fire which the material to be consumed is 2mx2m or less (fires exceeding this size are covered under the Fire and Rescue Services Act administered by QFRS and therefore council Local Laws do not apply)

•     A fire lit for the purpose of burning the carcass of a beast

•     A fire lit outdoors even in an enclosed fire place

Unless these fires are

•     For the preparation and cooking of food in an appropriately constructed barbecue; or

•     For the cooking of food; or

•     Lit for an activity undertaken by the scouts, girl guides or a similar organisation; or

•     Lit for outdoor heating purposes, but within an appropriately enclosed fireplace or similar device

Under the Fire and Rescue Services Act 1990, it is an offence to light a fire without first obtaining authorisation by receiving either notification, notice or a permit from the Queensland Fire and Rescue Services. Section 63 of the Fire and Rescue Services Act 1990 says that the only person who can issue a permit for a fire is the Commissioner of the Queensland Fire and Rescue Service. Council cannot issue a permit to burn. A permit is required when the size of the fire exceeds 2 meters in any direction i.e. 2m high at the height of the fire or 2m long or wide.

For further information on Backyard Burning contact Council on 131 872. For information regarding restrictions and permits contact Queensland Fire and Rescue Service on 1300 369 003. For copies of local laws visit the Department of Local Government, Community Recovery and Resilience website at


Noise nuisances

Noise is unwanted sound. Everyone reacts differently to noise. Noise can disturb neighbours, disrupt their sleep and interfere with their normal daily activities. What can be unbearable for one person may pass almost unnoticed by another. How annoyed we become depends on the loudness, time, place and frequency of the noise. Noise can even impact on people's health, especially the very young and the elderly.

Council only has jurisdiction to act on certain noise pollution issues, and shares the responsibility of noise control with other government bodies. Please refer to the information below which outlines authorities for various noise types. 

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Noise nuisance laws

The following links refers to the specific conditions for some of the issues covered by the nuisance laws. 

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