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Local laws and permits

Toowoomba Regional Council has authority under the Local Government Act to create and enforce local laws.


For Food Hygiene licences and other Environmental Health Services, click on Business Laws & Permits.

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Local laws database - Department of Local Government, Community Recovery and Resilience website (opens in new window)

Smoking Laws for Smokers

Crossed out cigarette

Tobacco smoking remains the largest public health problem in Queensland.

By law and popular demand the Queensland Government introduced Australia’s toughest anti-smoking laws. Final changes took effect in 2006.
The laws benefit patrons, staff and smokers trying to quit and improve the environment for everyone.

Welcome to a cleaner, healthier Queensland.

The laws include:   

no-smoking anywhere inside pubs, clubs, restaurants and workplaces   

no-smoking in commercial outdoor eating or drinking areas  

no-smoking in outdoor public places such as patrolled beaches, children’s playground equipment, major sport stadiums and within 4 metres of non-residential building entrances   

no sales of tobacco products to children under 18 years of age.


Go to the Queensland Government Tobacco Laws website for more information.

Report a Possible Breach by phoning the Queensland Government Call Centre on 13 7468 or submit an online form


New Local laws

Uniform local laws cover Toowoomba Regional Council operations

Local laws covering such matters as car parking, keeping of animals, swimming pools and caravan park regulations came into force on 1 January 2012.
Toowoomba Regional Council now has seven local laws and 22 subordinate local laws.

In March 2008, Toowoomba Regional Council inherited 311 local laws and subordinate local laws. These included 185 model local laws and 126 subordinate local laws.
The process removed inefficiencies, inconsistencies and duplication of local laws across the region. 

The new local laws cover administrative and regulatory procedure and functions which include displaying signs, food hygiene, temporary accommodation facilities, camping grounds, cemeteries, temporary entertainment events, parking regulations, animal management and environmental management.

An additional local law administers council aerodrome operations.
The full list of gazetted local laws and subordinate local laws can be viewed.

Busking Fact Sheet

What is busking?

Busking is a musical or theatrical performance undertaken by a person:

(a) to entertain the public; and,

(b) seeking voluntary reward for the performance, on local government-controlled areas and roads.

Why allow busking?

Council is proud of its Central Business District precincts and open space areas, therefore, is keen for residents and visitors alike to avail themselves of a relaxed shopping/dining/townvisit experience within a safe and harmonious environment.

Read more: Busking Fact Sheet

New aerodrome local laws adopted

Toowoomba Regional Council (TRC) has adopted an all encompassing local law that covers the aerodromes controlled by the Toowoomba Regional Council.

Previously, each of the aerodromes in Millmerran, Pittsworth and Toowoomba were governed by  separate  local laws inherited from the former councils of the regions in which they are situated.

The newly adopted local law is needed to ensure the safety and security of airside and landside activities and it enables Council to set fees and charges for use of the aerodromes.

On September 20, 2011 council agreed that the local law currently governing the Toowoomba Aerodrome be applied to the whole of the TRC area, taking the place of the current local laws governing the aerodromes individually.

The law governing the Toowoomba Aerodrome, Local Law No. 39 (Public Aerodromes)  of Toowoomba City Council is best suited to provide the basis of this new law as it provides a wider scope and addresses more issues than local laws currently governing the other aerodromes in the Toowoomba region.

In order to apply Local Law No. 39 (Public Aerodromes)  of Toowoomba City Council to the whole of the TRC area, it was necessary to make another local law, that is Toowoomba Regional Council Public Aerodromes (Application of Continuing Local Law) Local Law 2011.

Local Law No. 39 (Public Aerodromes) of Toowoomba City Council will be applied to the whole of the TRC area from 31 December 2011.

Read more: New aerodrome local laws adopted

Copy of Toowoomba Regional Council (Making of Local Law) Notice (No 2) 2011

Local Government Act 2009




 1.This notice may be cited as Toowoomba Regional Council (Making of Local Law) Notice (No. 2) 2011.

Read more: Copy of Toowoomba Regional Council (Making of Local Law) Notice (No 2) 2011

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