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View of Toowoomba citySome individual or business activities require a permit or licence. Finding this information can sound daunting, but it is easily accessible. Follow the links below to find information on permits or licence applications, or use the South East Queensland Government Toolbox to locate information on a large number of different topics.  

Licence/permit application forms

Some individual or business activities require a permit or licence. You can find out more information and requirements for permits and licences issued by Toowoomba Regional Council. 

Find the forms in the related documents below.

Laws & permits Toolbox

The SEQ Toolbox provides information on legislation changes, council documentation and business problems that may have been solved by someone else. Business and community groups can access up-to-date information in a user-friendly online format.

Links to permits and licence information (each link opens in a new window):

New food business

Which other departments should I contact?

Prior to submitting your application you should ensure the site has relevant Development Approval to prevent the application being delayed.

You will also need to acquire approvals from Development Assessment for building approvals; a plumbing and drainage approval and a trade waste approval.

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Business laws and permits - related documents


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