Past mayors

Prior to amalgamation in March 2008, Toowoomba Regional Council consisted of the following Councils; Clifton Shire Council, Crows Nest Shire Council, Cambooya Shire Council, Jondaryan Shire Council (Oakey), Millmerran Shire Council, Pittsworth Shire Council, Rosalie Shire Council (Goombungee) and Toowoomba City Council.

The Councils that now make up Toowoomba Regional Council have had many notable mayors and chairmen over the years. From the list on the left, you can view these according to the name of the local government area each mayor served in.


Council history

Cambooya Shire was created by severance from Clifton Shire on 4 June 1914. Part of Tarampa Shire was added in 1915 and part of Drayton Shire was added in 1949.

In 2004 the Shire included the towns of Cambooya, East Greenmount, Greenmount and Wyreema.

It also included the localities of Ascot, Budgee, Felton, Finnie, Hirstglen, Hodgson Vale, Mt Rascal, Nobby, Preston, Ramsay, Top Camp, Vale View, West Haldon and Westbrook.

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Council history

The Shire of Clifton was originally constituted a Divisional Board by proclamation dated November 11, 1879 under the Divisional Boards Act. The first meeting of the board took place on February 3, 1880.

In 1903, the Clifton Divisional Board was abolished by the Governor-in-Council, and the Clifton Shire Council was created.

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Crows Nest

Council history

11 November 1879 Highfields Divisional Board proclaimed under the Divisional Boards Act of 1879
13 March 1903 Highfields Shire Council proclaimed replacing the Highfields Divisional Board
25 January 1913 Shire of Crows Nest formed, comprising of an area excised from the existing Highfields Shire
19 March 1949 Highfields Shire Council and Gatton Shire Council both abolished, with part of the area included within Crows Nest Shire

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Jondaryan (Oakey)

Council history

The first meeting of the Jondaryan Divisional Board was held on February 3rd 1880, chaired by Hon. James Taylor M.L.A. The meeting was held at the Royal Hotel, Snell Street, Toowoomba and continued to be held in the same building for the next 80 years

In 1903, the Jondaryan Divisional Board was renamed as a result of the new Local Government Act 1903. Ten years later, the Council's boundaries were reorganised which resulted in the shires of Drayton, Millmerran and Pittsworth being divided from Jondaryan Shire Council.

In 1960, the Jondaryan Shire offices in Toowoomba were relocated to Oakey in order the meet public requests.

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Rosalie (Goombungee)

Council history

The first meeting of the Rosalie Divisional Board was held at the Police Station House, Jondaryan, on the 13 February 1880. In 1902, the board was renamed Rosalie Shire Council.

Council offices were located in Toowoomba from 1880 - 1985. During this period, Council offices relocated four times - Russell Street (adjoining the Queensland National Bank), 239 Margaret Street, 141 Herries Street and Neil Street. Over the years, a number of motions were put forward in relation to Council moving offices to Rosalie Shire. The offices moved from Toowoomba to Rosalie in 1985.

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Council history

The Millmerran Shire Council was a Local Government constituted under the provisions of the Queensland Local Government Act and was proclaimed as such in 1913, with the first Council Meeting being held on 9 July 1913.

At the time of the 2008 local government merger, the Council consisted of a Mayor and nine (9) Councillors representing three (3) Divisions within the Shire.

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Council history

The Pittsworth area was originally part of a larger Jondaryan Shire. This caused some dissatisfaction. Following representations to the Department of Local Government, a ballot was held with the result that Pittsworth was proclaimed a local authority on 24 April 1913.

The first council meeting was held at the Lyceum Hall Pittsworth on 9th July 1913 at which W.P. Copp was elected chairman by 5 votes to 4.

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