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James Douglas Annand was Toowoomba’s longest serving Mayor, having held the position a total of 22 years between 1924 and 1952.

He was elected Mayor from 1924 to 1930, 1933 to 1949 and from June to August 1952. James Annand won the first election he stood for in April 1921.

That year, the franchise was changed so that the candidate who topped the poll was automatically elected Mayor. At the next election in April 1924, he was elected to the highest municipal office in Toowoomba.

(The franchise was altered again in 1933 to provide for a separate candidature for the office of Mayor.)

He was successful in every election until May 1949 when he was defeated by the late Dr A R McGregor.

As Mayor of Toowoomba, Alderman Annand was responsible for the introduction of many projects, which contributed to the city’s development. One of the major projects was the building of Cooby Creek Dam.

For many years, until his resignation in 1947, he was chairman of the Local Authorities Association of Queensland (now Local Government Association). From 1927 to 1931 he represented Toowoomba in the Queensland Legislative Assembly.

James Annand was born at Ipswich but Toowoomba was his home from infancy. For many years, he operated a large drapery business on the corner of Ruthven and Russell Streets (well known at the time as McLeod’s Corner) and before that, was a partner with Mr C S Booth in a store in Ruthven Street.

He later acquired a grazing property in the Surat district near Hannaford.

Ald Annand was keenly interested in music and was a member of the first choral society formed in Toowoomba. For five years he was subscriber’s secretary on the Toowoomba Hospital Committee and committee chairman from March 1922 to May 1929.

For many years he was president of the Toowoomba Traders’ Association and vice-president of the Chamber of Commerce. He was also chairman of many associations and sporting bodies. Ald Annand was an enthusiastic cross-country walker and touring cyclist. In his youth he was a keen cricketer.

James Douglas Annand died in Brisbane on August 8, 1952, while still Mayor. He was aged 77.

Monuments to his memory are Annand Street Park and Lake Annand.


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