Under the Sustainable Planning Act 2009, building development applications can be lodged with either council or any private building certifier licensed with the Queensland Building Services Authority.

Generally, applications made to council certifiers will need to be lodged with one of the various council's business units throughout the Toowoomba Regional Council.

A building certifier cannot issue a building approval until such time as all other necessary approvals have been obtained.

Other necessary approvals that include council's approval

  • For proposed building work that does not comply with the setback provisions contained in council's planning schemes and Queensland Development Code as applicable;
  • In relation to the proposed use of premises that is inconsistent with the provisions of the relevant council planning scheme;
  • With regard to the proximity of proposed building work to council maintained sewer, stormwater and water mains; 
  • In relation to amenity and aesthetics
  • In relation to requirements under the Queensland Development Code referring to front, side and rear boundary clearances.

Approval for other building activities

The following building activities also require a council decision:

  • Sites affected by tree preservation
  • Building and construction site noise
  • Material deposited on footpaths
  • Vehicle crossings and driveway gradients within the footpath area
  • Erection of signs
  • Soil and erosion control for site works

Referral Agency Approval for building activities

As described under the Building Regulations 2006:

  • Qld Fire and Rescue (QFRS)
  • Department of Environment and Resource Management (DERM) for Qld Heritage and Environment Land Register Conditions
  • Qld Health
  • Department of Main Roads
  • Qld Communities
  • Safe Food Qld
  • Department of Industrial Relations
  • Qld Transport
  • Department of Primary Industries and Fisheries


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