Toowoomba's Bushland Parks are the subject of a thoughtful management plan to maintain them as havens of wilderness and preserve the natural features of the escarpment bushland. At the same time the parks allow visitors, of varying fitness levels, the opportunity to enjoy the natural attractions which make the parks so special.

The various walks offer an insight into the flora and fauna of the region. The landscapes range from eucalypt forest to rainforest; from sandstone shelves to grassland. To minimise damage to the ecology of the area, regulations apply.

The Bushland Parks are easily accessed from the city's eastern streets. These unspoilt areas offer spectacular views and the chance to appreciate the unique topography of the edge of the mountain range.

Unfortunately, last summer's floods wreaked havoc on many of the graded walks and have resulted in the closure of several. All park users are urged to obey signs at park and trail entrances.

Jubilee Park

Jubiliee Park consists of 293 ha of bushland below the escarpment between Prince Henry Heights and Mackenzie Street. Below is the status of those walks:

  • Themeda Trail (from end of Mackenzie Street around to Harvey Street) - closed.
  • Sandstone Ridge Trail (1.4km) - closed.
  • Yellow Box Trail - closed.
  • Jubilee Bridle Trail (3.7km), Tristania Trail, Crebra Trail (900m), Acacia Trail and all mountain bike trails and tracks - open.

Redwood Park

comprises 197 ha of bushland, situated below the escarpment between Prince Henry Heights and the Warrego Highway. The current status of these trails is:

  • Redwood Forest Walk (3.8km) - open with care
  • Ferntree Gully Walk (840m) - closed indefinitely
  • Grass Tree track (1.7km), Eagle's Nest Trail and the Bridle Trail (2.1km)- open with care
  • Picnic Point Park.

Picnic Point

Picnic Point walking trails are in the following condition: 

  • Fantail Walk
  • Firetail Walk
  • Pardalote Walk - open with care.

Please note - a walk of similar length is possible by using other trails around Picnic Point including the Bridle Trail which connects to Pardalote Walk via South Street at the southern end and via Stevenson Street to the north. Stevenson Street connects to the Old Toll Bar track and Old Toll Bar road which runs into Tourist Road and back to Picnic Point.

Glen Lomond Park

Glen Lomond Bridle Trail is closed near the public access track off Inadale Court.

Enquiries about walking trails can be directed to 131 872.

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