Cressbrook Dam is the largest and newest of the city's three water supply dams. The dam is located on Cressbrook Creek approximately 10 km downstream of Perseverance Dam. The construction of the dam was commenced in 1981 and was completed in 1983.

The storage statistics of Cressbrook Dam are as follows:

  • Total Catchment Area = 320 km2 (including Perseverance)
  • Storage Area = 517 ha (full supply)
  • Maximum Available Storage = 81,842 ML
  • Dead Storage = 2,995 ML
  • Full Water Supply Useable Capacity = 78,847 ML
  • Full Water Supply Level at Spillway = RL 280.00 AHD
  • Depth (overflow - dead water level) = 34.0 m

Cressbrook Dam was first pumped in November 1988 when it reached 67% of its full capacity. Since 1988, it has had an average useable storage volume of 71.8% of its full capacity. The dam's lowest storage volume on record was 7.5% in February 2010.



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