Bacterial outbreak closes Perseverance Dam

Perseverance Dam has been closed to the public as a precautionary move due to elevated numbers of E.Coli bacteria. The number of E.Coli bacteria exceeds primary and secondary recreational contact guideline limits as set in the Australian and New Zealand Guidelines for Fresh and Marine Water Quality 2000. 
Toowoomba Regional Council is satisfied that the increased bacterial numbers are due to an environmental phenomenon rather than contamination of the dam water. However the risk to humans from direct contact with large numbers of these bacteria is uncertain and the dam has been closed to protect the health of users.
The bacteria represent no risk to drinking water supplies as they are removed by the water treatment and disinfection process. 
Additional testing will be carried out on a regular basis to monitor the numbers of E.Coli bacteria. Perseverance Dam will remain closed for recreational use until further notice. 
For any inquiries, please call 131 872


Perseverance Dam is the second largest, in terms of storage capacity, and the second oldest storage dam of the city's three water supply dams. Construction of this dam commenced in 1962 and was completed in 1965. This dam is located approximately 35 km Northeast of Toowoomba on Perseverance Creek, which is a tributary of Cressbrook Creek.

The storage statistics of Perseverance Dam are as follows:

  • Total catchment area = 110 km2
  • Storage area = 250 ha (full supply)
  • Maximum available storage = 30,140 ML
  • Dead storage = 3,207 ML
  • Full water supply useable capacity = 26,893 ML
  • Full water supply level at spillway = RL 446.08 AHD
  • Depth (overflow - dead water level) = 23.1 m

Perseverance Dam filled immediately on completion and has an average storage level of about 80%. 


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