Cooby Dam is the oldest of the city's three water supply dams, Coobyconstructed during the period 1938-41. This Dam is located about 17 km North of Toowoomba on Cooby Creek, a tributary of Condamine River.


The storage statistics of Cooby Dam are as follows:



  • Total Catchment Area = 159 km2
  • Storage Area = 306 ha (full supply)
  • Maximum Available Storage = 21,166 ML
  • Dead Storage = 1,462 ML
  • Full Water Supply Useable Capacity = 19,703 ML
  • Full Water Supply Level at Spillway = RL482.2 AHD
  • Depth (overflow - dead water level) = 12.5 m

Cooby Dam Self Guiding Walk Cooby Dam's lowest useable storage volume was recorded at 8% in Cooby Dam General InformationJanuary 2010.    Following the rains of January 2011, Cooby Dam's storage volume reached 100%.

 Two brochures on Cooby Dam are available. Cooby Dam General Information and Cooby Dam Self Guiding Walk include an historical background and details on the dam wall, spillway, destratification unit, intake tower and pump station.

For further information or if you require a copy of the brochures, contact council on 131 872.




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