Dams & bores

Toowoomba bulk water supply

Drinking water for Toowoomba and the surrounding towns of Oakey, Jondaryan, Haden, Crows Nest, Highfields, Kingsthorpe, Gowrie Junction, Meringandan, Westbrook and Goombungee is currently supplied by three local dams, Cooby, Perseverance and Cressbrook, a growing number of bores and the Wivenhoe Dam pipeline.

The pipeline from Wivenhoe Dam (SEQWater) provides security of supply when the rainfall in our dam catchments is insufficient to maintain supply to meet the region's growing needs. Check current dam levels and the related documents for consumption and rainfall details.

Bores have been drilled into the Great Artesian Basin and the water transferred as required into Cooby Dam to supplement supplies when needed.

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Areas not connected to the Toowoomba bulk water supply

Within the Toowoomba region, individual communities located in the Clifton, Pittsworth, Millmerran, Greenmount areas and the town of Yarraman have water supply sources separate from the Toowoomba bulk supply. These water supply schemes source water from mostly underground water serviced by bores. Other sources include small dams and weirs. All town water is treated and meets the Australian drinking water standard.

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Water supply, connection and maintenance

The Toowoomba region has had significant rain over the last couple of years. Our water supply dams are close to full and the Wivenhoe pipeline has given us security of supply for the forseeable future. Droughts and floods have been and will continue to be part of the Australian landscape. No matter what the source - dam, bore or rainwater - we need to be responsible and efficient in our use of this precious resource.

Please report water leaks or water meter leaks. If it is a major leak, please contact the council immediately. Note that council is not responsible for any water lost on the property side of the meter.

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Private water bores

Private bores are not regulated by council and council do not investigate their use. If you do have a query about a private bore the State Government Department of Natural Resources & Mines >>.

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