Waste & recycling

Waste and recycling

Rubbish truck emptying loadFinding and establishing a modern landfill is a significant cost burden on the whole community. Reducing waste and recycling makes our landfills last longer and therefore defers community and environmental costs.

Toowoomba Regional Council waste services and facilities are designed to assist residents and businesses divert waste away from landfill for recycling into new products.

Waste from domestic sources

There are 22 waste facilities where residents can dispose of domestic waste that can't be placed in kerbside bins. There are no gate fees for disposal of a normal quantity of domestic waste self hauled in a domestic vehicle. 

A fee will apply to the following:-

  • Domestic waste self hauled to a facility in a commercial vehicle or vehicle combination; and/or
  • Waste that is not from the normal operation of a dwelling - ie. a large quantity of waste from a major renovation or project; tree loppings; and/or
  • Waste generated from a commercial premises and transported in a domestic vehicle.   This includes greenwaste produced on the commercial premises; and/or
  • Waste from a non-profit organisation including charitable "thrift" stores; and/or
  • Asbestos, tyres, dead animals and waste for special burial (ie. documents).

Separate your waste from your recyclable materials before going to your local waste facility.  This will help you sort your waste when you arrive at the facility. Council does not offer a sorting service at the facility.

Click here for a list of fees and charges and click here for the explanatary notes

Waste from commercial sources

Many of Toowoomba's waste facilities accept waste and recycling from commercial sources.

A gate fee applies to dispose of waste from commercial sources, including greenwaste.  You will not be charged a gate fee if you only take recycling to the waste facility. 

A fee will apply:-

  • for waste hauled to a facility in a commercial vehicle; and/or
  • for waste that is generated from a commercial premises, including a farm; and/or 
  • greenwaste from a commercial operation including from gardens around the commercial building; and/or 
  • for waste from a non-profit organisation, including from charitable "thrift" stores, and/or
  • for hazardous wastes from domestic sources, such as asbestos, tyres, dead animals and for special burial.

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Waste Management Strategic Plan

Toowoomba Regional Council's Waste Management Strategic Plan sets out a range of objectives and actions for dealing with waste in the region to 2015.  A public consultation survey was conducted in late 2011, with responses taken into account in the finalisation of the Strategy. 

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