• Details of contracts awarded by Toowoomba Regional Council after 1 March 2012, in accordance with Section 237, 'Publishing details of contracts worth $200,000 or more' of the Local Government Regulation, 2012 are listed here.


CommencementReferenceContract DescriptionEntityValue (excl GST)
October 2013 BUS 213-0511 Earthmoving & Material Handling Equipment

Komatsu Australia Pty Ltd


October 2013 T02-13/14 Collection and Purchase of Recovered Metal Streams from Toowoomba Regional Council Waste Facilities

 Sims Metal Management

$840,000.00 (Revenue) 

October 2013 T43-12/13 Empire Theatre Rain Screen Over-Cladding

Sky Panel (Australia) Pty Ltd 


October 2013 T03-13/14 Collection, Removal and Disposal of a Regulated Waste (Grit & Screenings)

B & Y  Liquid Waste Removals


October 2013 T47-12/13 Managed Print Services

Qld Print Holdings Pty Ltd (Think Office Technology) 


October 2013 T23-10/11 RPS for Sedans & Utes

 Lindenberg & Co

Approx $550,000.00 

October 2013 T23-10/11 RPS for Sedans & Utes

 Toowoomba Holden

Approx $265,000.00 

October 2013 PQ09-13/14 Superintendent for the Outer Circulating Road Project

The Harrison Group (Qld)


October 2013 T34-12/13 Supply & Delivery of Ductile Iron Pressure Pipes

 Crevet Pipelines Pty Ltd


November 2013 T09-13/14 Collection, Removal and Processing of Biosolids from Wetalla Reclamation Facility

Arkwood Organic Recyclers 


November 2013 BUS213-0511 Earth Moving & Material Handling

Wideland Ag 


November 2013 WT12-13/14 Supply & Installation of an Insitu Sewer Relining System

Insituform Pacific Pty Ltd 


November 2013 BUS212-0511 Road & Bridge Making Equipment

Conplant Pty Ltd 


November 2013 BUS212-0511 Road & Bridge Making Equipment

Ausroad Systems Pty Ltd 


November 2013 BUS235-0113 Legal Services

Herbert Geer 


November 2013 T45-12/13 Supply & Delivery of Outside Workers Uniform

Estimated Value:

  • BOC Limited
  • RK Thomas 

Approx $300,000.00 

November 2013 T48-12/13 Register of Preferred Suppliers for Engineering & Cadastral Survey Services

Estimated Value:

  • BBH Pty Ltd
  • Bolad Survey & Design
  • Byrne Surveys Pty Ltd
  • Downes Group Pty Ltd
  • DTS Group Qld Pty Ltd
  • FYFE Pty Ltd
  • Global Infrastructure Surveys Pty Ltd
  • JA Liddle Pty Ltd
  • LandPartners
  • Land Surveying Dynamics (LSD) Pty Ltd
  • Minstaff Survey
  • Murray & Associates Pty Ltd
  • North Surveys Pty Ltd
  • O'Reilly Nunn Favier
  • Parkinson & Parkinson Pty Ltd
  • Reid Consulting Engineers
  • RPS Australia East Pty Ltd
  • Spencer Surveys Pty Ltd 


December 2013 T18-13/14 Supply & Delivery of Bulk Sodium Hypochlorite

Ionica Australasia Pty Ltd (T/A Elite Chemicals) 

Approx $463,212.00 

December 2013 T23-13/14 Demolition of Buildings at Old TAFE Site

Enviro Site Services Pty Ltd 


December 2013 T12-13/14 Employee Assistance Programme Services and Related Training

The Eudoxsia Trust T/A Eudoxsia Pty Ltd 


December 2013 QPS01-13 Russell Street Level Crossing Detailed Design & Construction Engagement of Signal Contractor & Procurement of Long Lead Items

Queensland Rail 


January 2014 BUS212-0511 Road & Bridge Making Equipment

 Ausroad Systems Pty Ltd


January 2014 BUS213-0511 Earth Moving & Material Handling

Hastings Deering 


January 2014 QNDRAA07-14 Stormwater Project - Goggs Street, Toowoomba

 Holcim (Australia) Pty Ltd


January 2014 PT03-12/13 Outer Circulating Road, Link Road Project

Probuild Civil (Qld) Pty Ltd 


January 2014 BUS212-0511 Road & Bridge Making Equipment

Ausroad Systems Pty Ltd 


February 2014 WT21-13/14 Gardiners Road to Yarraman WTP DN150 Raw Water Main and John Street, Yarraman DN100 Water Main Extension

Mackenzies Ace Pty Ltd (Chris Buckley Plumbing) 


February 2014 PQ03-13/14 Early Warning Flood System - Oakey

Greenspan Technology Pty Ltd 


February 2014 Exception s235 (b) Gowrie Creek Flood Warning System

Greenspan Technology Pty Ltd 


February 2014 PT09-13/14 Neil Street Bus Interchange - Refurishment Works

Ivan Johnson & Co Pty Ltd 


February 2014 QCE027-14 Financial Statement Audit for year ending 2014

Queensland Audit Office 


February 2014 BUS226-0212 Engineering Consultancy Services

Highland Infrastructure Group Pty Ltd


February 2014 NPN04.13 Trucks

Black Truck Sales


February 2014 NPN04.13 Trucks

 Vanderfield Machinery Qld Pty Ltd


February 2014 ICTQL8-12/13 Annual Software Maintenance

ESRI Australia Pty Ltd 


March 2014 T17-13/14 Supply & Delivery of Water Meters

 Elster Metering Pty Ltd

Approx $1,000,000.00 

March 2014 QDA03-14 Development Assessment Senior Planner Consultancy

RPS Australia 


March 2014 BUS226-0212 Engineering Consultancy Services

GHD Pty Ltd (Toowoomba) 


April 2014 T28-13/14 Supply & Delivery of Electrical & Communication Conduit & Sub-Soil Drainage Systems

Rexel Electrical Supplies Pty Ltd


April 2014 T27-13/14 Register of Preferred Suppliers for the Manufacture, Supply & Delivery of Precast Concrete Storm Water and Sewer Infrastructure Components

Estimated Value

  • Reinforced Concrete Pipes Australia (Qld) Pty Ltd; and
  • Rocla Pty Ltd 


April 2014 WT48-13/14 Supply & Delivery of DN500 DICL Pressure Pipes for Cooby Dam

Iplex Pipelines Australia Pty Ltd 


May 2014 WT51-13/14 Crows Nest Water Supply Network Upgrade

Chris Buckley Plumbing  


May 2014 T20-13/14 Register of Preferred Suppliers for the Manufacture & Supply of Asphaltic Mixes

Estimated Value 

  • Boral Resources (Qld) Pty Ltd
  • Fulton Hogan Industries Pty Ltd
  • Trico Asphalt Pty Ltd


May 2014 T08-13/14 Register of Preferred Supplier for Training Services
  • Brisbane South Division Ltd T/A Accoras;
  • Ag Training;
  • Arbuthnot & Associates;
  • Ashdale Integrity Solutions Pty Ltd T/A Ashdale Workplace Solutions
  • Australiasian Leadership Academy Pty Ltd;
  • Baseline Training & Consulting Pty Ltd;
  • Briston Training & Development;
  • Business Success Group Pty Ltd;
  • Carey Crimmins;
  • Conwal & Associates Pty Ltd;
  • Clayton Utz;
  • Decisions X Designs Pty Ltd;
  • Deltra Australia Pty Ltd;
  • DRA Safety Specialists Pty Ltd
  • Discoveries Pty Ltd;
  • Driven Training Pty Ltd;
  • Duff Consulting;
  • EMC Training;
  • Evolution Training & Safety Pty Ltd;
  • Fire & Safety Australia;
  • Grevillea Consultants;
  • HB Training Pty Ltd;
  • HES (Falck);
  • IHR Australia;
  • Institute of Management;
  • In Training Systems;
  • JT Workforce Connections Pty Ltd;
  • Julie Cork & Associates;
  • Keeping It Simple Solutions & Training;
  • LIfeAid Py Ltd;
  • Leadership Management Australasia, LMA Abbott;
  • LGAQ Limited;
  • Local Government Training Institute;
  • Major Training Group;
  • Men at Work Training Solutions;
  • Pacelearning;
  • PEP Worldwide Pty Ltd;
  • Priority Management Qld;
  • Project Procure Pty Ltd;
  • Queensland Fire & Rescue Service;
  • Quantum Training Pty Ltd (Alert Force);
  • RJ Allen's Training & Assessment;
  • Regional Group Training Limited;
  • Safe Driver Training;
  • Safety Corp Pty Ltd;
  • Southbank Institute of Technology (TAFE Brisbane);
  • State Patrol;
  • Smith Training & Development Pty Ltd;
  • Strategic Deployment Services;
  • SWQ Training Pty Ltd;
  • Tafe NSW - North Coast Institute;
  • The Australian Institute of Management - Qld & NT;
  • The Change Forum;
  • Department of Educations & Training (The Southern Queensland Institute of TAFE);
  • TMS Consulting Pty Ltd;
  • Trainup Logistics & Construction & Mining;
  • Transformed Pty Ltd;
  • Wise Therapy;
  • Work Skills;
  • Wright Solution Training Services;
  • Yellowhouse.net Pty Ltd


May 2014 T21-13/14 Register of Preferred Suppliers for Road Profiling, Road Stabilisation and Asphalt Paving Equipment

Estimated Value

  •  Ausroads Stabilisers;
  • Australian Paving Services;
  • Boral Resources;
  • Civil Independence;
  • Creggs Asphalt Pty Ltd;
  • Downer EDI Works;
  • Ellis Profiling (Qld) Pty Ltd;
  • Fulton Hogan Industries Pty Ltd;
  • RoadTek;
  • The Robinson Civil Group;
  • RPQ Profiling;
  • Sedl Earthmoving Pty Ltd;
  • Southeast Profiling Pty Ltd; and
  • Stabilised Pavements of Australia Pty Ltd


May 2014 T49-12/13 Establish a Register of Preferred Suppliers - Specific Engineering and Design Services

 Estimated Value

  • ACOR Consultants Pty Ltd;
  • ADG Engineering Pty Ltd;
  • AECOM Australia Pty Ltd;
  • Anthony Ian Robbins;
  • APC Management Services Pty Ltd T/A APC Project Management;
  • Asphar Survey Group Pty Ltd;
  • Aurecon Australia Pty Ltd;
  • PG & CR Bambrick Family Trust ATF Bambrick Consulting;
  • Bellwether Contractors Pty Ltd;
  • Brisbane Information Technology Services; 
  • Built Environment Collective Pty Ltd; 
  • Cardno (Qld) Pty Ltd;
  • Complete Urban Pty Ltd;
  • Concept to Construction Services Pty Ltd;
  • Contour Consulting Engineers;
  • Dalton Consulting Engineers Pty Ltd;
  • DBS Consulting; 
  • Eaton Engineering;
  • ENGENY Water Management;
  • Engineering Your Life; 
  • Franzplanz Pty Ltd
  • Geneng Solutions; 
  • GHD Pty Ltd; 
  • GW Read Pty Ltd T/A GWR Civil Engineering Management; 
  • Harrison Grierson Consultants Pty Ltd;
  • Highland Infrastructure Group; 
  • Hydralinc Pty Ltd;
  • JJ Ryan Consulting Pty Ltd; 
  • Johnson Water Management Pty Ltd;
  • Lambert & Rehbein (SEQ) Pty Ltd;
  • Lemmah Pty Ltd; 
  • Lisren Pty Ltd ATF LDJ Shirley Family Trust T/A RoadPro Consulting;
  • Nuttall Engineering Consultants Pty Ltd;
  • Opus International Consultants;
  • Projex Partners;
  • Reinmac (Brisbane);
  • RMA Engineers; 
  • Road Engineering Services Pty Ltd;
  • Ryan Engineering Services Pty Ltd;
  • Sinclair Knight Merz  Pty Ltd T/A Jacobs SKM;
  • SJ & MS Rice Pty Ltd T/A Rice Project Management Services;
  • SMEC Australia Pty Ltd; 
  • Sullivan Consulting Engineers; 
  • Tec One Consulting Pty Ltd; 
  • Tipec Pty Ltd;
  • Water Modelling Solutions Pty Ltd;
  • Water Technology Pty Ltd; and
  • Western Queensland Consulting Engineers


June 2014 T44-13/14 Ruthven Street Laneway

Dig-It Landscapes Pty Ltd 


July 2014 T48-13/14 Refurbishment of Crows Nest Pool Plant & Filtration System

Todd Jones Pool Services Pty Ltd 


July 2014 QSPED06-13/14 Flood Studies Project Management & Peer Review Project

GHD Pty Ltd 


July 2014 T34-13/14 Provision of Marquee Supply

Estimated Value

  • GC Event Hire
  • Queensland Hire Pty Ltd 


July 2014 WT21-12/13 Chlorination Monitoring and Control

Hydramet Australia 


July 2014 T05-13/14 Register of Preferred Suppliers for the Supply of Contract Weed Spraying Services

Estimated Value

  • Western Weed Busters
  • TJ & RA Antonio
  • Biodiversity Australia Pty Ltd T/A Naturecall
  • River City Garden and Lawn
  • RJ Hibbens Pty Ltd T/A Hibbens Plantation Establishment
  • K & S Contracting
  • Active Tree Services 


July 2014 WT63-13/14 Wetalla Gowrie Creek Bank Scour Protection

GrouTech (Aust) Pty Ltd 


August 2014 T38-13/14 Supply and Delivery of Traffic Control Signs

Artcraft Pty Ltd 

Approx. $1,000,000.00 

August 2014 WT62-13/14 Glenvale Reservoir to Reithmuller Road DN300 Water Main Duplication

Construction Siteworks Pty Ltd 


September 2014 T46-13/14 Register of Preferred Suppliers for the Provision of Consultancy Engineering Assessment Services Estimated Value
  • Engeny Water Management;
  • Franzplanz Pty Ltd;
  • GenEng Solutions;
  • Harrison Infrastructure Group;
  • Logical Engineering Solutions Pty Ltd;
  • LogIT Solutions;
  • Ryan Engineering and Management Pty Ltd;
  • Sullivan Consulting Engineers;
  • Tipec Pty Ltd;
  • UDP Consulting Engineers;
  • Yeats Consulting Pty Ltd


September 2014 WT50-13/14 Construction of a Sewage Pumping Station, Gravity Main and Rising Main at Albert Street, Crows Nest

FBD Constructions Pty Ltd 


September 2014 WT30-13/14 Kingsthorpe, Gowrie Junction and Westbrook Sewerage Projects

M & K Pipelines (Qld) Pty Ltd 


September 2014 T03-14/15 Provision of Insurance

Marsh Pty Ltd 


October 2014 T52-13/14 Design & Construction of Toowoomba City Library and Civic Square

 J Hutchinson Pty Ltd


October 2014 T30-13/14 Supply and Delivery of Stationery and Office Catering Supplies

Estimated Value:

  •  Staples Australia Pty Ltd; and
  • Millmerran Officesmart

Approx. $900,000.00 

October 2014 T16-13/14 Supply of Electrical Equipment

Estimated Value:

  • Australian Regional Wholesalers Pty Ltd (Ideal Electrical);
  • Rexel Electrical Supplies Pty Ltd;
  • CNW Pty Ltd;
  • Lawrence & Hanson Toowoomba;
  • Metal Manufactures Ltd (MML) T/A Haymans Electrical & Data Suppliers;
  • MM Electrical; and
  • Sherriff Electrical Wholesale Pty Ltd 

 Approx. $1,500,000.00

October 2014 T41-13/14 Supply and Delivery of Valves and Fittings

Iplex Pipelines Pty Ltd 

Approx. $1,000,000.00 

October 2014 T40-13/14 Register of Preferred Suppliers for Onsite Crushing and Productions of Gravel Materials

 Estimated Value:

  • Hutchison Quarries;
  • JCB Investments Pty Ltd;
  • M & M Crushing;
  • Milbrae Quarries Pty Ltd;
  • Pearljaney Pty Ltd;
  • Rockcycle Crushing Pty Ltd; and
  • Stenzel Crushing Pty Ltd.

Approx $1,000,000.00 

October 2014 WT32-12/13 Wyreema Water and Sewerage Project

Redline Mining & Infrastructure Pty Ltd 





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