Vision, strategies & reports

Visions, strategies & reports

Sunset over Tabletop MtCouncil has a plan to make this part of Queensland an even more enjoyable place to live and work. Find out about council's long-term plan for creating a better future, forged from the contributions of local residents, businesses and organisations.

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Corporate Plan 2014 - 2019

The Corporate Plan 2014 - 2019 was adopted by Council on 27 June 2014.

Council's financial management system is defined by Section 104 of the Local Government Act 2009 and includes the Corporate Plan as the primary planning document.

The Corporate Plan 2014 - 2019 outlines the vision, goals, outcomes and strategic actions that aim to ensure the region's future meets the needs and aspirations of the community. Councillors and staff share responsibility to ensure that Council's vision, goals, outcomes and strategic actions are achieved.

The strategic actions identified in the Corporate Plan form the basis of Council's Budget, Operational Plan and associated policies while the performance measures provide a means of monitoring progress towards achieving Council's goals and outcomes. The measures provide a useful tool to illustrate to the community the achievements of Council and to monitor the wellbeing of the region

Link to Corporate Plan 2014-2019 homepage

Toowoomba Regional Community Plan

The Community Plan has recently been reviewed and updated by Council.

The Community Plan sets out what the communities of the region would like to see occur in the next 10 years. It articulates the long-term vision, goals and priorities to strengthen the assets of the TRC area.

The Community Plan serves as the key driver for council's Corporate Plan, Planning Scheme and other planning projects within council. The plan derives from the 'Strategic Directions' project, which provided a common starting point for all of council's forward-planning documents.

The Community Plan was first endorsed by council in July 2010 and reviewed by Council to ensure its currency in June 2014..

View Community Plan (link)


Strategic Directions

 'Strategic Directions' documents reflect a desire to have a common starting point for all of council's forward-planning documents. It provides the basis of:

  • The Community Plan
  • The Toowoomba Regional Planning Scheme

Annual Report

Each year council's annual report provides important information of the council's achievements, challenges and performance in implementing its corporate plan and delivering our vision.

The latest report is available below in the related documents section.

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