The three symbolic elements on the Sister City symbol are indicative of Toowoomba’s three sister cities relationships:

CherryBlossom Cherry Blossom (Japan) – National floral emblem of Japan

 SilverFernSilver Fern (New Zealand) - national floral emblem of New Zealand

HibiscusSyriacus Hibiscus Syriacus (Rose of Sharon) (Korea) – national floral emblem of Korea

This touch of traditional calligraphy demonstrates the cultural backgrounds of our three sister cities – Takatsuki (Japan), Paju (Korea) and Wanganui (New Zealand), and reflects the diversity of cultures in Australia.

The basic circular shape of the symbol represents ‘union’ and ‘connection’ which is presented in a form of ink brush stroke.

The Colours - The three primary colours for the Sister City symbol are blue, red and purple. They are applied in gradual transition. Blue and Red are derived from the colours of our Sister Cities’ national flags. The purple is developed from the colour family between blue and red that cultivates the feel of harmony.


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