W_W_School_performance_1A dingo reading the news, a jewfish angry about the contamination of his waterways and a collection of careless campers determined to destroy their bushland surrounds made an appearance at St Francis de Sales Primary School on Thursday.

And they weren't alone.

A host of weird and wacky characters joined them, all with the same motivation – to raise awareness for National Water Week.

This year the focus was on the importance of taking care of our catchments under the theme of "Healthy Catchments, Healthy Communities".

Toowoomba Regional Council sponsored three schools (St Francis de Sales Primary School, Drayton State School and Wilsonton State High) to trial an environmentally focused drama workshop with groups of Year 6 to Year 10 students.

Eaton Gorge Theatre Company visited each school to work with small groups of 10-15 students to develop a short environmental drama.

Workshops were held in early August and the drama pieces provided a cross curricular opportunity for students to experience science thinking through a drama activity.

Fresh from their training, the costumed menagerie of Yr 6/7 classes from St Francis de Sales took to the Clifton stage, eagerly performing their two drama pieces at an afternoon concert.

Teachers Pat Tickner and Tyronne Maher were enthusiastic participants in the development of the students' work and helped guide them through their script creation and presentations.

With a healthy mix of local flavour adding to the performances, the students produced some entertaining and comical ways to get their message across, which was well received by classmates and proud parents.

For more information on Water Week go to www.nationalwaterweek.org.au/index.php


BACKGROUND: A catchment is an area of land that drains to one point, usually a creek or river. All land in Australia is part of a catchment. The ways in which we live and work in these catchments have an impact on the quality of water that drains into these waterways. Poor management practices on land can lead to deterioration in water quality. Poor water quality is damaging to the natural environment and increases the level of treatment that our water requires.

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